What Can The Tone Therapy System Do for Your Mental Health? My Tone Therapy Review

Joanna Black
4 min readNov 8, 2023

If you’ve been asking yourself, “How do I clear my mind of negative distractions?” you should know about the n.ow. Tone Therapy system. It is designed to help you alleviate the problem of “unwanted thinking” and clear your consciousness to attune your mind to a more harmonious state. The product achieves this state by producing “pure tone” frequencies of harmonic instrumental sounds used for sound healing therapy. It’s really yoga for your mind.

What is n.o.w Tone Therapy and how does it work?

n.o.w. stands for New Origin Waveforms, a 3-minute meditation system made by Solu, which is a brand under HEAR now SYSTEMS Inc, a provider of meditation products. n.o.w. Tone Therapy consists of two round speakers that emit relaxing sounds in neuro-modulation tone sequences, meaning they’re able to alter the behavior of brain cells. When minds are disturbed, agitated or swirling in thoughts, the tones from n.o.w. helps you shift into a state of substantially greater calm, centeredness and focus. Just press the ON button and listen to these miraculous sounds!

What’s unique is that each speaker plays a new tone each time it is used. The tones are abstract, original, and composed in-the-moment. As the tones don’t repeat over and over again, you remain focused on your breathing. With 60 different sound sequences, each 3-minute session is different from the last. Tone therapy is meant to provide a transformative experience.

The n.ow. Tone Therapy speakers are battery-operated. They charge via two separate micro USB cables, which are included in the package. The speakers don’t connect to phones or screens via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, a deliberate decision by the maker to ensure an organic listening experience. With daily devices out of the way, your mind can focus completely on the neuro-modulation tone sequences and enter into a meditative state almost instantly.

Tone Therapy Speakers

Why I Should Use A Meditation Sound Machine

n.o.w. Tone Therapy device is a great accompaniment to your daily meditation and mindfulness exercises, helping you tune yourself to your breath and your body. Easily listen at least twice a day for 3 minutes for the best results. Any time you want to find calm in your daily life, the tone therapy system can help you hit pause on ruminating and overthinking, alleviating your anxiety or stress. Notice the peaceful stillness inside you when focused on the tones.

Tone Therapy System


· The pure tone sequences are highly effective in helping you enter a relaxed state of mind and calm the body’s nervous system

· The speakers emit high-fidelity audio tones for optimal clarity

· You get over 200 sessions on a single charge

· The speakers have a compact and refined design with a pleasant tactile feel

· n.o.w. Tone Therapy is easy to use by just pressing the ON button

· Consumers reported excellent customer service provided by the company


· The batteries include a 3-year warranty but they’re not replaceable after that so if they die out after 3 years you would have to buy a new one

· Speakers do not come with a headphone jack to listen on personal devices

· Less than 5% of consumers mentioned the functionality is pretty basic compared to its retail cost

· 3-minute sessions are not meant to put one in a deep meditative state and the device cannot be increased above 3 minutes of play time

5-Star Customer Reviews of Solu Tone Therapy

“Ingenious mindfulness product that actually works!”

“Perfect for energy work sessions.”

“In one month I have noticed a significant difference in my ability to focus on tasks at hand.”

“ the audio tone recordings are exceptionally well executed and finely created and crafted.”

“You won’t be disappointed with the results.”


So many consumer are loving the Solu tone therapy device. We recommend this product with all who seek a more clear conscious creative state. As the quiet and stillness grows within you so does your energy. You will want to try sound therapy today!

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